MiniGuru retired


MiniGuru has been retired in all Market Places, IPhone, Android and Blackberry

MinerGary retired


MinerGary has been retired in all Market Places, IPhone and Android

MediRemind retired


MediRemind has been retired in all Market PLaces, IPhone, Android and Blackberry

Content Server Updated


Our Content Server for miniGuru, MinerGary and MyToDoBuddy has been updated to version 2.0 for better performance and capabilities

APNS Server Updated


Our APNS Server has been updated to Tomcat 7.0 for better performance



Our new free app MyToDoBuddy is in beta testing, we hope to release in early 2013 for Android and IPhone



We are working on a new game app using the chipmunk physics library. This app is only for internal purposes only

MinerGary Update v1.1


MinerGary v1.1 has been submitted for review to the App Store

MinerGary v1.1 fixes the sensitive joystick to allow for better game play. Look for upgrades in the future. Download your FREE copy today and write a review!

App Store

Android Market

MinerGary Released!


MinerGary has been Released! v1.0 has been approved and is ready for sale on the App Store and Android Market. Download your FREE copy today and write a review!

MinerGary To Go Through Approval Process!


Our first Game! Binary MinerGary v1.0 has been uploaded to AppStore and waiting approval. Will be offered to the general public Free!

Dedicated page to MinerGary coming soon! Page including Frequently asked questions. Game detail Instructions, as well as video of Game Play!

MinerGary to be released to the Android Market within the month, available on all Devices.

miniGuru Available For Android


miniGuru version 1.1 fixes scaling issues on all devices. Available for all devices.

Android Market

mediREMIND Available For Android


mediREMIND version 1.0 has been released and is available to purchase for all Android Devices running 1.5 or later.

Android Market

Look for mediREMIND version 2.0 in the near future!

mediREMIND version 2.0


mediREMIND version 2.0 is schedule to be released within the following months!

Version 2.0 has new and improved functionality with a whole new makeover to the application. Improvements include an integrated FDA Database to allow users to search for their medications, as well as improved functionality for data input.

Version 2.0 will use the devices Calendar to schedule alarms instead of our server sending push notifications. As a team we have decided to remove the Referral module of the application and replace that functionality with an easy way to track your Appointments.

Look for mediREMIND version 2.0 in the near future!

mediREMIND Update


We have submitted an Update to mediREMIND to the App Store pending release.

mediREMIND v.1.3 has fixed crashing issues within the doctor module as well as issues with saving assistance contacts. This issues were brought to our attention through our valued customers. Look for the update in the App Store

miniGuru Released for Android Users 2.0+


We have introduced miniGuru to Android users available on devices running 2.0 and above.

This is our first application for the Android device available now for $1.00 in the Android Market

miniGuru Released on BlackBerry 5.0+


miniGuru has been approved and is available for sale in the App World for BlackBerry devices running software 5.0 and above.

The app is available for $ .99 check it out here

Next Steps


We are currenlty in the process of a game app utilizing Core animation and OpenGL on the iPhone/iPad side and SVG with BlackBerry. This application includes rich graphics and fun gameplay with options.

New app will target iOS 4.0 and later.

Ready For Sale


miniGuru has successfully passed Apples app submission process and is now available for purchase in the App Store

miniGuru will run on devices runnig iOS 4.0 and later. Enjoy!

Ready To Release


Generational Software is expected to release its newest smart phone application this coming January 2011. Avaiable on the Apple iTunes App Store for iPhone users, as well as on AppWorld for Blackberry. This application uses animations to present both spiritual, practical and mystical information.

Available for iPhone 4.0 and later as well as for BlackBerry devices with operating system 5.0 and above.



Updates have been issued for mediRemind for the iPhone due to iOS4.

We have currently tested and the application runs on devices that have software version 3.0 and up for the iPhone.